About the Brand
As part of their global marketing strategy to promote health through sport and physical activity, Amil the largest healthcare plan carrier decided to create a woman professional Volley Ball team. Volley is the 2nd most popular sport in Brazil with game airing on prime time TV. The Time would be lead by José Roberto Lages Guimarães, 3 times Olympic Gold medalist. 
I was given the prestigious opportunity to develop the brand and collaterals for the team, my approach was to craft a visual identity that resonated with the spirit of athleticism, health, and empowerment. Drawing inspiration from the dynamic nature of volleyball and the global reach of Amil's health initiatives, I conceptualized a logo that fused elements of a ball, strength, movement, and unity, symbolizing the team's commitment to excellence and camaraderie. The color palette was chosen to evoke energy and vibrancy, capturing the excitement of the game and aligning with Amil's branding. Collaterals including team uniforms, merchandise, and promotional materials were meticulously designed to showcase the team's identity and foster a sense of pride among fans. By infusing the brand with passion, professionalism, and a dedication to health through sport, we aimed to inspire audiences nationwide and drive positive change in the community.

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